What is your shipping policy?

You order, We roast, We ship, You drink.


What Is degassing?

Fresh roasted coffee contains approximately 2% Co2 and other gasses by weight.  Pressure within the bean causes this gas to be released slowly over many weeks after roasting, hitting the sweet spot around 7 days after the roasting date.  After two days enough of the gasses have desorbed for us to package and ship.


How is your coffee packaged?

All of our retail coffee is packaged in side gusseted, tin tie bags with one way valves.  These valves allow any access degassing to take place without allowing oxygen in to prevent oxidation.


How do I order wholesale?

Food & Beverage managers can contact our head roaster Mike for info and pricing on wholesale ordering and deliveries at mike@redbuoycoffee.com


When is the best time to watch coffee roasting?

The best way to learn about coffee roasting is to sign up for one of our afternoon roasting workshops.  You'll go over the process of sourcing and roasting green beans with Mike and take part in a cupping,  afterwards a bag of your fresh roasted coffee is packaged up to take with you.